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The Series II Expedition Tent - 2 Person Motorcycle Tent

Redverz Gear - Motorcycle Tent. Nomad Motorcycle Expedition Tent

Motorcycle Travel Tent, Nomad Tent's riders in the Atacama DesertRedverz Gear - Motorcycle Tent. Nomad Motorcycle Expedition Tent, Tenere Expedition Tent Nomad Tent 2 man expedition tent,  Motorcycle Travel TentRedverz Gear's Expedition travel rider.

RiDE Recommended for Redverz Gear's Expedition TentWinner of RiDE Magazine's "Recommended" Award for Best Motorcyle Tent

" The motorcycle tent designed for adventure travelers"

A good night's sleep isn't just important when you are traveling the world by motorcycle, it's essential.  We've been soaked through at the end of a long ride with many days, weeks or even months ahead of us on the bike.  We've tossed and turned in cramped tents, laid like sardines in tight bivi bags, cracked our heads on cold helmets and cuddled with boots that could walk by themselves.  Every tent is a compromise.  That is until now.    

We've designed a better way of camping. Our expedition tent is comfortable and incredibly functional, with no compromise in design or materials. It is a tent born of years of travel and dedicated to world adventure enthusiasts and their bikes. The Series II Expedition Tent™, built specifically for touring travelers, is a real world, 2 person tent, designed to shield your motorcycle from the elements and from prying eyes.

The Series II Expedition Tent, the only 2 person adventure motorcycle tent you will ever need.