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January, 2011
BIKE BUNKER Well, it looks like we’ve got our tent. The Ténéré Expedition Tent is equipped to protect you and your bike from whatever Mother Nature throws at you. It’s like a drive-in garage for the road – toss up the outer part, ride your bike in, then set up the inner tent while you’re protected from the weather. Plus, it’s not like we’d exactly be roughing it, you can toss a queen size air bed in there and it might be bigger than our first apartment.
September, 2010
BIKE SHOP: EXPEDITION TENT If you’re touring through the desert or on a weekend away, the Ténéré tent will shelter both you and your bike It goes up first, getting riders under cover as quickly as their scouting skills allow. The groundsheet and inner layer then make a sleeping compartment with room for two riders and their gear, or a queen-size airbed. Alongside is enough space for a full-size motorbike complete with panniers. The tent packs down into an 8inx21in roll. Sweet dreams..”
October, 2011
The Ténéré Expedition Tent is luxury camping on steroids. The first time I saw this tent, from Redverz Gear was at the 2010 National BMW Rally in Redmond, OR. Kevin Muggleton, the company founder and designer, was showing off his company’s best, biggest, and only tent. And my first impression of this 3-man tent, with a garage, was that it was a “neat novelty.” However, in the weeks following the rally, I began to think about how many nights I have spent in a wet, cramped backpacker’s tent, and how nice it would be to be able to stand up to pull off my dirty wet gear, to be able to cook out of the weather, or to be able to load my bike out of the rain to keep my gear dry.
October 01, 2011
Protect you, your companion, and your bike on overnight adventures in the Redverz Motorcycle Tent ($400). Made from coated ripstop nylon with a polyester floor, the Nomad offers 30 square feet of interior room, weighs just 13 lbs. when packed, and requires only three poles for assembly. It sure beats sleeping on the ground with your head inside a helmet.
August, 2011
The Ténéré Expedition Tent's ability to cover you, a passenger and a motorcycle may be its most intriguing factor, but there are other reasons you should consider it for your next tent. Covering your motorcycle (and contents) provides a warm, rain and wind-free place to work on your bike. In actual use, I found that the "garage" portion of the tent proved a highly useful spot for removing dirty or wet gear before stepping into the clean and dry portion of the tent where warm sleeping bags wait. With the bike under cover, it is also secure from prying eyes.?
September, 2011
#1 Motorcycle Tent Redverz Gear wins RiDE Tent test. “At the End of the trip, four testers said this was the tent they’d choose” A huge tunnel tent- you can enter it standing up. It even has a garage space where you can park a bike (to work on it, or so the engine warms the tent as it cools) or, with the extra groundsheet down, you can use it as a storage and changing area. Sleeping space is generous - it could take three without too much trouble, if kit was stored in the garage. For an extended trip, or making a rainy day more bearable, it has all the space you need.

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